Monday, February 16, 2009

should be in a magazine

ok this is my favorite picture of her! Eric and i have been cleaning my dads rental homes and one house was just beyond freezing so i put on her beenie. i was trying to get her to smile and this is what i got. she always sticks out her tongue when she smiles, it is so cute! this is just a half smile but it looks like it should be on life cereal or in a magazine.

so this week is going to be an exciting week. erics brother jonny comes home thursday from his mission and we are so excited! then our anniversary is wednesday, and my parents is wednesday too. and his sister cristins anniversary is tuesday. then jonny's home coming is sunday. so there is alot going on this week!

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Jonathan and Kristina said...

so your post is in wingdings, and all i can read is "ok this is my favorite picture of her!" you might want to switch it. :)